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Hi! I'm Chancey Jane Barrios. I'm five years old and I'm a Plott Hound - German Shepherd mix. My mom thinks she's in charge around here because she's the "broker" (whatever that is) and that makes her the "boss," but I'm really the one who makes all the decisions around here. She and my dad mostly just keep me entertained. I love going everywhere they go and stay in the office with them all day.


My parents adopted me three years ago after they fell in love with my irresistible face on the Animal Rescue of New Orleans (ARNO) facebook page. I came from a shelter near Baton Rouge where all the animals got stuck in a big flood and we all had to get out of our cages and swim to the roof! I sure don't miss that place. When I first came home, I had no idea what a backyard was and I ran around in circles for hours all the time.


As you can see, I stay very busy in the office. I make sure everyone gets all of their work done and I definitely stay out of the way. I don't think anyone even notices that even though I have two beds in the office, I somehow still always wind up on the floor behind whatever chair someone needs to get to. Without me, this place would be so boring. The Barrios Group is so lucky to have me here!


Just like my parents, I love where I live. All of my neighbors know me and the ladies at the local bar even know my favorite drink (water, of course!). I love to take walks along the Mississippi River and visit with all of my dog and cat friends around the whole neighborhood. I help out at Night Out Against Crime, Sipping in the Sunset, and all of the other great events hosted by the Old Arabi Neighborhood Association. I was even featured in St Bernard Magazine this year as one of Arabi's greatest new residents! They let my parents be in the article too, but I think it was just to be nice. Come visit me anytime and I'll show you what a great place this is to live.

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