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Joanne Close has been passionate about real estate ever since she bought her first house eighteen years ago. For almost two decades she has been involved in all aspect of real estate including renovations, new construction, property management, as well as sales and leases. She finds all aspects of real estate interesting, especially in a city like New Orleans where individuals can own a piece of living history.


Joanne was born in England and moved to New Orleans when she was six and feels privileged to call The Crescent City her home. She traveled extensively in her twenties, including living in New York City for seven years, but returned to New Orleans to raise her family. Living in many different places has given her the strong conviction that “where we live reflects on how we live and has a direct impact on our productivity and happiness.” She understands the importance of finding the right property for each individual and takes the needs of her clients very seriously.


Recently, Joanne has entered into real estate development and designs and builds her own new construction projects. The needs of families and individuals are different than they were 200 years ago, even 50 years ago. She enjoys the challenge of thinking about how people are living today and designing and building properties that best fit their needs.


Joanne is thrilled to be working with Alison and Troy at the Barrios Real Estate Group. Joanne says “working with other individuals who care so deeply about their clients’ needs and operate with integrity and kindness is the most important factor for me”. Joanne recognizes that finding a home is a huge emotional and financial commitment for her clients. She hopes to use all her diverse real estate knowledge to guide buyers to make the right decision for them and their family so that they may thrive in their new home.

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